S3 Performance

S3 has been in the business of selling quality bike parts, accessories and different apparel for the Australian market. It has been slowly making its presence felt in the motorcycle industry by bringing affordable and dependable bike parts closer to consumers. Some of S3 performance motorcycle accessories are used for racing mods, general electronics such as tail lamps, speedometers and driving lights.

Though there are various mods to think about when looking to improve bike performance. Performance in different areas such as speed, steering, control, stability, balance and comfort are few areas to work on in bike modifications. Higher displacement bikes tend to have more tweaks and tests to keep the machine up and running in top condition or as specified by the rider. S3 specializes in mods for bigger bikes on or off road.

A motorcycle is a machine, little adjustments can go a long way. This goes especially to the handling of the bike that may change for the worse if done incorrectly by a novice mechanic. One good thing to keep in mind is that not all newer installations on bikes are good for the machine itself. Sure, that carb could improve engine response but how about the durability? Will it last more than the stock part and will it prove to have significant improvement in performance? These are few things to think about with these complicated bike parts.

Sure, there are good parts out there so you have to make good research about their performance, specifications, compatibility with your bike and so on. One good replacement that you can start with your bike is the exhaust. No, not necessarily the whole system but the pipe that you use on your bike. Keep your stock pipe just so you have one in spare. Having a good pipe on your bike means more power in the throttle and engine exhaust that lets it breathe more rather than being compressed inside the machine most of the time. This is one modification that you’ll really feel immediately as soon as you start your bike.
Some exhaust pipes out there just look good but suffers in performance, durability and design. The pipes from S3 do not only look good on bikes, they sound and work good too.The design does not have awkward bends and cuts as other pipes have. Exhaust tubes also undergo a special polishing and strengthening process to ensure durability and good aesthetics. The wide array of pipes and fittings are a welcome sight to street and off road bikes alike. A spark arrestor fitted in the pipe lets the rider choose between a trail friendly lower decibel exhaust and race-ready mode.

That they’ll assure you since they ride bikes fitted with the products we sell. It takes a rider to know what a fellow rider needs.