Hydac Hydraulics started operations more than 45 years ago. Until this day, the company continues to grow and develop new products. Through their growth, they are also able to help the community with their wide range of products. These products are made available through Hydac’s numerous partners in the automotive, mining, marine, railway, and steel industries among others. Some of Hydac’s products include replacement filter elements, hydraulic filters, process filters, cooling systems, and filter systems to name a few. Not only that, Hydac also expands and comes up with new divisions that will complement the existing products and services they are already offering. Take Hydraulic Filter Systems for example.

Hydraulic Filter Systems

During the course of Hydac Group’s growth, Hydac Filter Systems was established in 2008. It is an independent product division that stemmed from the Filtration Technology sector. Hydac Filter Systems continues to grow like its mother company. Since 2008, Hydac Filter Systems has been supplying fluid service products to direct customers and partners.

Hydac Filter Systems is one of the world’s leaders in supplying fluid services and products. They specialise in  Fluid Condition Monitoring, Accumulators, Fluid Conditioning, and Technical Cleanliness among a few things.

Fluid Condition Monitoring – helps customers avoid expensive engine failures by ensuring that the fluid used in lubrication and hydraulic systems maintains its quality

Fluid Conditioning – Hydac specialises in fluid conditioning for the following: degassing, dewatering, and filtering

Technical Cleanliness – this is an important area of the various industries (mobile, automotive, etc). Hydac can supply you with Contamination Test Modules and Test Units to help you with your technical cleanliness inspections

Regardless of the fluid products and services you need, you are assured of only the best from Hydac Filter Systems.