The feeling you get when riding a bicycle is one which can rarely be recreated. Powered only by the push of the pedal and the pull of adrenalin, being on a bike is a liberating, empowering, unique experience; the exhilaration of downhill’s, the speed of a decline and the zigzag of city streets – Bicycles Online knows and lives that feeling every day.

In an age where having an online component to your business is not beneficial, but fundamental, new small business Bicycles Online are literally speeding past their competitors. Just more than a year old, this company has grown tremendously during the past 13 months, to become the leading online bicycle retailer in Australia; and this may be down to their fresh take on running a business online.

The actual business began in 2007 as a humble bike rental store by two bicycle enthusiasts James van Rooyen and Jonathon Allara. After thebike rental business took off, James and Jonathan decided to branch out to selling bicycles, bike clothing, accessories and parts.

The two applied their experience and passion for cycling when creating a new concept for the Australianonline bicycle retail industry. They wanted to come up with a way to supply affordably-priced, top-quality bikes nationwide. They achieved this by cutting out this middle man, providing bicycles straight from their manufacturers to their clients. This way Bicycles Online ensures their clients get the best deals when looking for the perfect bike. They’re also passionate about providing the best in service and expert opinion on everything bicycle-related.

Whether it’s a commuter,  mountain bike, road, hybrid, ladies or kids bike, Bicycles Online provides detailed reviews of all their products. Another innovative way in which they are taking online buying to another level, is by providing videos of the bicycles for sale on their website – that way you can see first-hand what you’ll be buying over the internet.

James and Jonathan have made sure to instil the same approach to customer service in all areas of their business: quality of service by the Bicycles Online team ensures delivery, handling and testing of the products coming from the manufacturers, are done in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to check out their website, and see how a small business with a big vision and innovate ideas can grow and succeed in such a short period of time, visit