The internet has played a huge role not just in our personal lives, but also to a lot of people’s business dreams. Aside from having a brilliant idea and having lady luck by your side, good businessmen know how to use the internet to their advantage.

Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine of Big Girls, Small Kitchen had a good and unique business proposition. They both loved cooking so they have decided to create a blog about it. In one faithful day, the two girls met up and they both agreed that they wanted to do something new in their lives. They came up with an idea of making a cooking blog, since they both love to cook.

To start their new project, Phoebe created the domain and Cara started to post recipes on the site. Their roles came off naturally, since Cara was working at a publishing house as an editorial assistant. She started to create blog posts and added interesting recipes to the site. Their site’s target audience was their friends and those twenty-somethings who are looking for something interesting to cook.

Just like any other starting websites, Cara and Phoebe did not get as much traffic during their first few months. But this did not stop the girls. Few months later, they hit the jackpot when they started to get phone calls from various agents offering them book deals and possibly be the next Julie and Julia. Cara’s editorial experience and Phoebe’s marketing experience made everything seem to be easy as they were able to quickly put a book proposal together. Now, the site became more and more popular and they have already branched out into new ventures, such as catering to events and special occasions.

Cara and Phoebe’s success come from their passion and perseverance. They are also willing to readjust their vision to fit the current market.