Success Story #7: S3 Performance

S3 Performance

S3 has been in the business of selling quality bike parts, accessories and different apparel for the Australian market. It has been slowly making its presence felt in the motorcycle industry by bringing affordable and dependable bike parts closer to consumers. Some of S3 performance motorcycle accessories are used for racing mods, general electronics such as tail lamps, speedometers and driving lights.

Though there are various mods to think about when looking to improve bike performance. Performance in different areas such as speed, steering, control, stability, balance and comfort are few areas to work on in bike modifications. Higher displacement bikes tend to have more tweaks and tests to keep the machine up and running in top condition or as specified by the rider. S3 specializes in mods for bigger bikes on or off road.

A motorcycle is a machine, little adjustments can go a long way. This goes especially to the handling of the bike that may change for the worse if done incorrectly by a novice mechanic. One good thing to keep in mind is that not all newer installations on bikes are good for the machine itself. Sure, that carb could improve engine response but how about the durability? Will it last more than the stock part and will it prove to have significant improvement in performance? These are few things to think about with these complicated bike parts.

Sure, there are good parts out there so you have to make good research about their performance, specifications, compatibility with your bike and so on. One good replacement that you can start with your bike is the exhaust. No, not necessarily the whole system but the pipe that you use on your bike. Keep your stock pipe just so you have one in spare. Having a good pipe on your bike means more power in the throttle and engine exhaust that lets it breathe more rather than being compressed inside the machine most of the time. This is one modification that you’ll really feel immediately as soon as you start your bike.
Some exhaust pipes out there just look good but suffers in performance, durability and design. The pipes from S3 do not only look good on bikes, they sound and work good too.The design does not have awkward bends and cuts as other pipes have. Exhaust tubes also undergo a special polishing and strengthening process to ensure durability and good aesthetics. The wide array of pipes and fittings are a welcome sight to street and off road bikes alike. A spark arrestor fitted in the pipe lets the rider choose between a trail friendly lower decibel exhaust and race-ready mode.

That they’ll assure you since they ride bikes fitted with the products we sell. It takes a rider to know what a fellow rider needs.

Success Story #6: iTeddy

Innovation and unique vision are two major things that could make an entrepreneur successful. Imran Hakim, an entrepreneur from Bolton, was able to combine these two perfectly with his educational gadget invention for kids which he called iTeddy.

Hakim introduced his invention in the hit British television series called Dragons’ Den. The show features various entrepreneurs and their unique products and gives them an opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of wealthy investors called the “dragons”. If the panels think their business pitch is outstanding, they will be investing on the said business project.

The idea of iTeddy was developed when Hakim’s brother, Zubair, challenged him to come up with a unique birthday gift for his niece, Aaminah. At first, he thought of giving her a personalized talking birthday card, but then he thought that he can do something more and better. He did his market research, developed the prototype and improved the product.

iTeddy has been very successful in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is one of the top gadgets that have been sold in 2011. The teddy is interactive—it can play bedtime stories and cartoons in its detachable personal media player. Other media content that will definitely entertain and educate the kids can be downloaded from, a website that Hakim also created.

“iTeddy aims to develop a new brand that provides products and services designed to make a child’s first steps in today’s hi-tech world educational, less daunting and most importantly, fun,” Hakim shares. He also recognizes the ideas injected by Pete Jones and Theo Paphitis, two of the Dragons that have invested in his project.

With the affordable retail price of this educational and entertaining product for kids, it is not surprising that it has been a total hit for all the consumers. This is also a good indication that Hakim’s success will still continue in the future.

Success Story #5: Reggae Reggae Sauce

One of the most important things that a certain brand should achieve is that it should be easily recalled by consumers. Levi Roots, the creator of Reggae Reggae hot sauce, was able to accomplish this and eventually brought him success in his business.

Roots has been living a poor life when he was a kid growing up in Jamaica. However, his road to success also started from the hit British television series called Dragons’ Den. He pitched his idea to the panel of five wealthy investors by singing a catchy song that he wrote and ended up impressing two of the ‘dragons’, Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh. These two invested £50,000 in his Jamaican jerk spice called Reggae Reggae Sauce and that was the beginning of his great success.

Reggae Reggae Sauce was created from his grandma’s recipe, a secret family recipe that has been passed down from generations. Now, the said sauce is being sold over hundreds of supermarkets in United Kingdom. It has been a hit and according to Sainsbury’s, the sauce is  “outselling tomato ketchup in each of the 600 stores stocking it”.

Aside from his sauce’s success, Roots also opened a restaurant, been invited into various speaking engagements (where he is being paid £1,500 for a single event), released a song (and gave all the proceeds to charity) and has a Reggae Reggae sauce pizza that is currently being sold at one of the biggest pizza chains in the world, Dominos Pizza. He has also been working on his recipe book entitled “Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Cookbook”.

Roots successes have been very inspiring, since he was able to branch out to different fields by using his Dragons’ Den fame. He was able to deliver and prove to people that with hard work, determination, vision and passion, everything is possible.

Success Story #4: HYDAC

Hydac Hydraulics started operations more than 45 years ago. Until this day, the company continues to grow and develop new products. Through their growth, they are also able to help the community with their wide range of products. These products are made available through Hydac’s numerous partners in the automotive, mining, marine, railway, and steel industries among others. Some of Hydac’s products include replacement filter elements, hydraulic filters, process filters, cooling systems, and filter systems to name a few. Not only that, Hydac also expands and comes up with new divisions that will complement the existing products and services they are already offering. Take Hydraulic Filter Systems for example.

Hydraulic Filter Systems

During the course of Hydac Group’s growth, Hydac Filter Systems was established in 2008. It is an independent product division that stemmed from the Filtration Technology sector. Hydac Filter Systems continues to grow like its mother company. Since 2008, Hydac Filter Systems has been supplying fluid service products to direct customers and partners.

Hydac Filter Systems is one of the world’s leaders in supplying fluid services and products. They specialise in  Fluid Condition Monitoring, Accumulators, Fluid Conditioning, and Technical Cleanliness among a few things.

Fluid Condition Monitoring – helps customers avoid expensive engine failures by ensuring that the fluid used in lubrication and hydraulic systems maintains its quality

Fluid Conditioning – Hydac specialises in fluid conditioning for the following: degassing, dewatering, and filtering

Technical Cleanliness – this is an important area of the various industries (mobile, automotive, etc). Hydac can supply you with Contamination Test Modules and Test Units to help you with your technical cleanliness inspections

Regardless of the fluid products and services you need, you are assured of only the best from Hydac Filter Systems.

Success Story #3: Bicycles Online

The feeling you get when riding a bicycle is one which can rarely be recreated. Powered only by the push of the pedal and the pull of adrenalin, being on a bike is a liberating, empowering, unique experience; the exhilaration of downhill’s, the speed of a decline and the zigzag of city streets – Bicycles Online knows and lives that feeling every day.

In an age where having an online component to your business is not beneficial, but fundamental, new small business Bicycles Online are literally speeding past their competitors. Just more than a year old, this company has grown tremendously during the past 13 months, to become the leading online bicycle retailer in Australia; and this may be down to their fresh take on running a business online.

The actual business began in 2007 as a humble bike rental store by two bicycle enthusiasts James van Rooyen and Jonathon Allara. After thebike rental business took off, James and Jonathan decided to branch out to selling bicycles, bike clothing, accessories and parts.

The two applied their experience and passion for cycling when creating a new concept for the Australianonline bicycle retail industry. They wanted to come up with a way to supply affordably-priced, top-quality bikes nationwide. They achieved this by cutting out this middle man, providing bicycles straight from their manufacturers to their clients. This way Bicycles Online ensures their clients get the best deals when looking for the perfect bike. They’re also passionate about providing the best in service and expert opinion on everything bicycle-related.

Whether it’s a commuter,  mountain bike, road, hybrid, ladies or kids bike, Bicycles Online provides detailed reviews of all their products. Another innovative way in which they are taking online buying to another level, is by providing videos of the bicycles for sale on their website – that way you can see first-hand what you’ll be buying over the internet.

James and Jonathan have made sure to instil the same approach to customer service in all areas of their business: quality of service by the Bicycles Online team ensures delivery, handling and testing of the products coming from the manufacturers, are done in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to check out their website, and see how a small business with a big vision and innovate ideas can grow and succeed in such a short period of time, visit

Success Story #2: Big Girls, Small Kitchen

The internet has played a huge role not just in our personal lives, but also to a lot of people’s business dreams. Aside from having a brilliant idea and having lady luck by your side, good businessmen know how to use the internet to their advantage.

Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine of Big Girls, Small Kitchen had a good and unique business proposition. They both loved cooking so they have decided to create a blog about it. In one faithful day, the two girls met up and they both agreed that they wanted to do something new in their lives. They came up with an idea of making a cooking blog, since they both love to cook.

To start their new project, Phoebe created the domain and Cara started to post recipes on the site. Their roles came off naturally, since Cara was working at a publishing house as an editorial assistant. She started to create blog posts and added interesting recipes to the site. Their site’s target audience was their friends and those twenty-somethings who are looking for something interesting to cook.

Just like any other starting websites, Cara and Phoebe did not get as much traffic during their first few months. But this did not stop the girls. Few months later, they hit the jackpot when they started to get phone calls from various agents offering them book deals and possibly be the next Julie and Julia. Cara’s editorial experience and Phoebe’s marketing experience made everything seem to be easy as they were able to quickly put a book proposal together. Now, the site became more and more popular and they have already branched out into new ventures, such as catering to events and special occasions.

Cara and Phoebe’s success come from their passion and perseverance. They are also willing to readjust their vision to fit the current market.

Success Stories #1 : Debt Assist

A lot of people all ove­r the world face various debt problems especially at these times when the economy is really tough. A lot of them have the need to seek out professional advice and solutions for their problems. Debt solutions companies are the usual go-to people of those who are having debt problems, and in Australia, one of the top debt solutions companies is Debt Assist.

Debt Assist

Debt Assist is one of the fastest rising companies that offer debt solutions services in Australia. The company’s principals are qualified accountants with extensive financial and business experiences with major blue chip corporations under their belt. They are well trusted and are experts in their own respective fields. Clients are assured that the debt solutions that will be advised to them are the most appropriate for their case and their preferences as well.

Debt Assist offers very good and convenient debt solutions for everyone such as debt consolidation, debt agreements, personal insolvency agreements and even filing for bankruptcy. The advisors will make sure that you get the right solution for you by doing an assessment of the client’s current financial situation. The solution can vary from simple advice to restructure your debt; debt consolidation by refinancing your mortgage or by debt agreement if the client does not own any property; or in extreme circumstances, filing for bankruptcy. This will all depend upon the circumstances being presented by the client.

The company’s debt solutions services are very impressive since they make sure that they connect with the client very well by earning their trust to make the whole process easier. Various options are also explained thoroughly so that the client will be able to fully understand everything that he could possibly do with regards to his debt. For instance, if the client does not want his name to appear on public record, debt consolidation is being recommended. Informal agreements can also be done, where the client can talk to the creditors (such as banks, lenders, financial counseling services or trustees) about renegotiating the debts. Debt agreements can also be done if the creditors accept the proposal to be offered on what the client can afford. Debt Assist will help in constructing the proposal to ensure that everything is correct and fair for both parties.

Aside from those mentioned above, Debt Assist also offers business and personal consulting, business advice and assessment, business valuations, cash flow management, business restructuring and budgeting.

Debt Assist continues to grow and to help a lot of people who are distressed because of their debt. The company is definitely set to have a brighter future as they help their clients to experience the same bright future for themselves as well.


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